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Michigan child support is determined by application of the Michigan Child Support Formula. These guidelines take into account both parents’ incomes and the number of days the minor child(ren) spend with each parent. They also take into account the amount of money each party pays for child care and health insurance for the minor child(ren), as well as whether either parent has minor children from previous marriages or relationships for whom they provide support.

While at first blush it might appear that determining Michigan child support is easy, this is not the case. This is because child support is based on the parties “net incomes” which is not the same as a person’s take home pay or net taxable income. The objective of determining “net income” is to establish, as accurately as possible, how much money a parent should have available for support. Only a skilled, Michigan child support attorney, such as Loraine R. Kuhn, can review all financial documents, including personal and business tax returns, to make certain that net income is properly calculated. Likewise, only a knowledgeable Michigan child support attorney, like Loraine R. Kuhn, knows to look at retirement and other benefits to determine if these should also be included as “income” for child support purposes. If a spouse is self-employed, business expenses and officer loans must be scrutinized to determine if these are really as claimed or simply disguised income to the business owner which must be used in determining child support in Michigan.

If you have a child support issue, Michigan child support attorney, Loraine R. Kuhn, can assist you in determining the proper child support which you should pay or to which you are entitled.

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